All you Need to Know About International BA Programs Based in Thailand

Any Thai student who is looking for a suitable BA program would have quite a few options, which would include an international program that includes a 12-month study period at a top UK university of your choosing. When compared to studying a domestic BA program, the benefits are many, and with a Thai college that has an affiliation with the British government, this kind of BA program is available.

Bangkok Based College

There is an international course in Rangsit (known as เรียนอินเตอร์รังสิต in Thai), which is a suburb of Bangkok, and their fully equipped campus has all the facilities needed to study a BA international program in your chosen subject. Not only that, the 3-year BA program includes one year of study at a top UK university of your choosing, which is invaluable for several reasons.

One Year Study in the United Kingdom

The BA program incorporates a 12-month period of study at a top UK university of your choosing, and by living and studying in England, your level of English language proficiency will improve greatly. The way that students learn in British universities is very different to the system of learning in Thailand and other South East Asian countries, where the majority of the learning is done in the classroom, while UK students would have more opportunity for hands-on learning in a project-based environment.

Speaking English Daily

The main reason that Thai students are weak at speaking and listening with English is because they do not have the opportunity for free practice, which very much hinders their progress, but living in the UK for a whole year would see a dramatic improvement in listening and speaking skills, as you have little choice but to use the language if you wish to communicate with those around you.

Wide Range of Course Subjects

An international BA program would be offered in a wide range of subjects, including all of the following:

  • Business Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Tourism & Hotel Management
  • Accounting & Accounts Management
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Human Resource Management

If you would like to know more about the 3-year international BA program, search online and you can browse the college website for more information. The next step would be to pay the college a visit, where you can talk to the students and professors about the courses, and if everything looks good, you can enrol for the next academic year and start your preparation.

Course Preparation

There would be a minimum English language proficiency level, which the college would inform you about, so you should make sure that you are at least up to their minimum level, and if you need some help, you are advised to enrol in an intensive English language program, which would enable you to better understand the course material.

Boost your Career Opportunities

When you graduate from your BA program, your search for the perfect career begins, and potential employers will be looking for candidates that have an excellent command of the English language, and if you have studied an international BA program, this will be something you have. Employers will also be looking for people who have studied abroad, so when you complete a BA program from a prestigious UK university you will have the edge over other candidates.


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