Things You Need to Know When Choosing an American International School in Thailand

If you are moving to Bangkok or already live there and are at the stage of choosing a school for your children then it is important know your needs before you start looking. You may find that your needs change, as you find out more information on the different schools and potentially discover new subjects and/or school activities.

It can be as hard as you make it.

Relocating isn’t easy, especially when you have family to consider. Hopefully it would be a reasonably easy transition for your partner but that does assume that, they are an adult, they wanted to come and that they are sociable and proactive well as pro-active in making friends and planning activities for hobbies and joint interests.

What about your children though? Even if the entire situation has been carefully explained to them and their overall needs have been understood and addressed, things like a change of shoe laces can be enough for to tip some youngers over the edge these days, let alone a new country, new school and new friends. If you moved schools a lot when you were younger then you might understand some of the challenges children under when moving schools in today’s world.

Imported Teachers

If you enroll your child in Niva American international school, the teachers should be directly employed from the US, most stay 2-3 years with an international posting, while some stay longer. The teachers are offered a very attractive package to uproot and live in a foreign country for a few years, otherwise, it would be difficult to find teachers who are prepared to relocate to another country. Of course, American teachers are very familiar with their own National Curriculum and your child will reap the benefit of this.

Touring the School

Prior to making any decisions, you are advised to book a tour of the school, which can be done via their website; turning up unannounced is not advised, as the principal would be very busy, so do make sure that you inform the school of your intention to visit and take it from there. Prepare some questions for the principle and do some online research about the school, its history and mission statement.

Observing Activities

You should ask if you can sit in on one of the classes, which would normally be fine; this gives you the opportunity to see how the kids respond to the program. A happy learner is a good learner and there should be a nice, warm ambience in the school, which is an essential component of a good learning institution.

This is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly and with an international school that delivers the US National Curriculum, your child is assured of the best possible start in life.

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