Why Are Simulation Games Becoming The New Standard?

Games have always been around us. From the time we were born to this day, we have all played various indoor as well as outdoor games. Previously, before the time of technological advancements, games were divided into these two categories, indoor and outdoor. But since then, a lot has changed. Now, we have a completely different section of games called online games. These games can be played inside our homes as well as outside.

Simulation games are a category of online games that are designed to imitate the real world. These games are meant to give the player a feeling of working in the actual world instead of an animated world. They can design their city, build their empire and do a variety of other things that would be considerably difficult to do in real life.

There are various kinds of simulation games like farm town that make the gamer imagine as if they own a farm and they can manage it as well. These games are a great way to build their self-confidence and teach them essential skills like time management. Simulation games are made to imitate real-life activities that train the player and improve their skills.

During this pandemic, there has been a rise in the number of gamers who enjoy video games. People have started earning money by streaming video games on platforms like YouTube. The difference between a video game and a simulation game is that you can play a video game on your computer or connect it to your smartphone. These games are generally based on fantasy and not on reality. Whereas simulation games are based on reality and imitate the real world.

Games like Sims and Hotel Mania have contributed to the popularity of simulation games. Due to the pandemic, people all over the globe have spent over 1.6 billion dollars on gaming hardware.

Other games like Fortnite, GTA and Juegos de Comida have drastically contributed to the popularity of these kinds of games. Essentially, the purpose of these games is to entertain the player. These games make the player feel like they own something. That they have control over things, even if it is in a virtual world and not the real one. They can control the character as well as the environment in that game with ease.

Simulation games have gained more popularity in this time of the pandemic because they give the player an illusion of control. The player is under the assumption that they can do anything and everything in the game as they are the masters and the controllers of the game. This sensation of power over certain things makes them forget the helplessness they feel over this worldwide lockdown.

While at home, being unable to do anything about the fact that they cannot leave the house, they had no option but to find different ways to entertain themselves. These simulation games have been one of the ways that people have chosen to feel better about their lives.

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