Here’s what will happen if you buy Facebook likes

Whether to buy real Facebook likes or not is a question that many people usually struggle with a lot. People simply don’t know whether or not it is a good idea to buy likes for their Facebook account. Well, I wouldn’t encourage you to buy likes either because what was once a very good exercise has been turned into a way for ruining businesses, promoting laziness, and scamming people. Against good advice and your own better judgment, if you choose to go ahead and cheap Facebook likes, you can always find a service out there that will (or not) supply you with one thousand likes for a dollar or two. Buying likes is a good way of avoiding the hard work that you otherwise would have to put in to grow your account organically, but the bad it does often outweighs the bad. To grow your account organically, you have to start by creating very engaging posts and then monitor them closely so that you know what people thing about it in the comments. You also have to comment on various points of view that your readers will provide and that can often be a very hectic exercise.

On the other hand, if you decide to buy likes, all you will have to do is to identify a service that provide you with the like and make a payment for it. You can find a huge number of sites that sell Facebook likes by doing a simple search on the Internet. In fact, the results you will get can be overwhelming and as such, you will need to be careful with what site you choose to work with. At some of these sites, it is very easy to send money and that becomes the end of everything. You won’t receive any feedback from the customer service or anyone else because they that is what they do – they con unsuspecting people like you.

In a slightly better case, you may send money and receive all the one thousand likes you bought within a second like a flood. You might think that this is a good thing, but it is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. The likes you receive this way can’t be legit, which means that they don’t originate from legitimate Facebook accounts. Instead, they come from bot and inactive accounts. These are accounts that don’t have real people behind them, or at least not any more. Inactive accounts were created by real people who then abandoned them and now the accounts are used to like posts on Facebook for money. Other inactive accounts are created only for the purpose of being used to like posts from buyers of Facebook likes like you. Lastly, bot accounts are created and operated by bots.

 You might be wondering what is wrong with inactive and bot accounts if they can give you the likes you are looking for. Well, when you by likes from accounts like these, all you are paying for is the number. For instance, you can by 10, 000 likes. Beyond the number, you shouldn’t expect any kind of engagement from your ten thousand likers because they don’t exist. The effect is that you will end up with 10, 000 likes and two comments on your account and if you still can’t see how that is bad, then maybe you should go ahead and buy fake Facebook likes after all.

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