The Digital Landscape Of College Search

As the amount of time that aspiring college students spend on social media apps continues to increase, college recruiters and marketers are attempting to find ways to steal some of this screen time and turn an aspiring student into a prospective student for their college. This is the case of every institution around, making the college search process a competition between them. While the competition is loosely about influencing students, where these colleges compete is through the content they create. Colleges are creating this content in such a way that it can be the driving force for any particular student to be convinced that said college is right for them. This encompasses all of the student’s responsibilities and desires for their college experience. Content surrounding curriculum and degree programs certainly check all of the academic boxes. Whereas content surrounding the social aspects of a particular school can check a different set of boxes. All of these elements play an important role for students in determining which school is right for them. While it may feel disingenuous for colleges to battle out in such an indirect way, this digital landscape has required it to be done as such. Staying ahead of this digital curve is imperative for the success of your institution. For more information on the ways in which social media is influencing the college search process, take some time to read the infographic supported alongside this post.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, one of the premier choices in undergraduate digital marketing

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