Difference between Hiring Generalists and Specialists on Your Design Team

Perks of a Specialist

Specialists specialize in two disciplines and expertise in the industry. Eventually, it is hard to be skilled at something with no practice. Hence, hiring a web designer specialist is ideal for short term projects that bear parameters and design briefs. They are also ideal when you need an employee to work on a specific role on your team or for supporting certain assignments.

Perks of a generalist

Generalists are good at doing almost everything. They are very adaptable and can work through every stage in the design process and can also be easily and quickly assigned within the team. It is ideal to hire a generalist if the project scope may vary or if you need an agile organization.


Generalists are great, and so are specialists. But when it comes to the design industry, it is always ideal to have a combination of both. Usually, you may need to focus on things that may need deep knowledge and understanding, while other times, you may need an agile team that can easily adjust in its varying work concept, while still delivering high quality results. Hiring a mix of them can always come in handy.

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