All about Bump Helmets

For all types of extreme sports, biking, climbing, or base jumping, as well as some security jobs that include crowd control, bump helmets are indispensable. They are light, generally comfortable, and have a load of utility purposes that will come in handy.

For most people, bump helmets have three distinct purposes:

  1. Blunt force head protection
  2. Unfocused piercing protection
  3. Headgear utility

In some ways, you can call it the best bike helmet you ever head. It may not be as aerodynamic as designated models, but it is tougher. They are tough enough that most global security forces use it for training and to get soldiers used to wearing a helmet.

But, unlike a ballistic helmet, it is not as heavy and can be worn for as long as you need it.

And, while those in the market to buy a bump helmet won’t have a wide range of choices when it comes to structural design, they will when it comes to additional features and comfort. There is a piece out there for anyone.

Blunt Force Protection

This is the main reason why you would wear a bump helmet.

Unlike a regular hardhat, a bump helmet offers improved side protection and usually has more utility features. Also, it is fairly more comfortable and sticks better to the head so that you can run with it.

Also, it is meant to comply with a wide range of gear. While a simple hat might have a spot for a sports camera, a bump helmet will consider video, lights, and even radio connections.

Finally, it protects the back of the head as well as the front. With added padding, any blunt force will resonate around the head of the wearer and won’t allow any damage to happen.

This includes clubs, branches, rocks, and especially hitting the ground downwards, which is not something a regular item will save you from.

Piercing Protection

Something like the CBH™ Carbon Bump Helmet from UARM will protect your noggin from slow piercing damage in two ways.

First of all, there is the design. By being almost perfectly convex, the helmet will try to slide any sharp objects away from your head and face and to the sides. This way there won’t be a hit that needs absorbing.

But, if that doesn’t work, there are two layers of special plastic/carbon components that will literally grab the sharp end and compress around it. It works like a police shield in that regard that it can take in a lot more damage with no piercing that it seems from the outset.

Bump Helmet is NOT Ballistic

Finally, while bump helmets are very useful, they are not something you should bring to armed combat. They are not designed to stop any bullet and will simply be penetrated even by military-grade shrapnel.

They should be used for training and for civilian activities. But, if you are in a combat zone where the piercing damage will come from a bullet or bomb, you will need to arm yourself with a designated ballistic helmet like the HCBC™ High Cut Ballistic Helmet.

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