Essential Ways to Incorporate Contemporary Pop Culture into the English Language

Have you been thinking of incorporating contemporary pop culture into your English language class? It would be challenging to get a group of students excited about the English language. It would also be largely overwhelming to contemplate the latest ways to get the entire classroom engaged in the lesson. Rachel Tobin Yale considers it helpful to connect with the students through contemporary pop culture into their teaching. Students would spend several hours a day on their computer screens, influenced, and completely entertained by what has been published on social media. It would not be wrong to suggest that pop culture has been known to play a significant role in the social development of the students.

When the tutor incorporates contemporary pop culture into your English language class, you would tap into the interest of the students. It would help you bring the outside world into the classroom. Let us delve into a few essential ways whereby you could incorporate contemporary pop culture into the English language class.

Making the lessons relatable

You may understand the pressure of time constraints to prepare the students for classroom and standardized exams successfully. However, all would aim to create lessons that would linger in the minds of the students. The best way to accomplish this would be to keep up with the latest trends along with utilizing the knowledge for connecting the lessons to the world of the students. At times, it could be as simple as to see what is trending on popular social media sites.

Encourage critical thinking

Rachel Tobin Yale considers it a great opportunity to get her students excited about creative writing. It would be pertinent to mention here that the process of creating text for social media advertisements would be creative and challenging. When you get the students to write on their favorite brand, rest assured it would be a fun and educational challenge for teaching them the value of tone and purpose of voice.

Using the current events

The best way to get your students to communicate would be through motivational discussions using the current events. You could provide your students with a trending topic to research the topic along with constructing a specific point of view taking less time to explain. It would enable students to develop concise and thorough arguments. It would be done while the student participates in pertinent debates.

Using the above-mentioned tips, you could get the students to communicate with the class while learning the English language in the best possible way.

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