Chanting Shlokas And Mantra Can Be Very Beneficial For Kids

Chanting shlokas has always been prevalent in Indian culture for hundreds of years. The recitation of words has a spiritual meaning and positively affects the brain’s cognitive functioning. It relaxes you after a tiring and stressful schedule. And there are many more tremendous effects these chants or traditional mantras have on our minds and bodies.

Chiming has always been an inseparable part of yoga. Chanting these shlokas or mantras while practising yoga or exercising can keep you going through your daily lives and can positively impact the rest of your day. These Shlokas are especially beneficial for kids, and the earlier you learn them, the better. Therefore, the advisable age for kids to learn these mantras is by the time they turn five.

Once the mantra recitation gets into regular practice and habit of your child, it will become second nature to them. And it will benefit them even when they grow up. There is proof that if children learn to chant Shlokas religiously during their formative years, the habit gets instilled in them as part of their daily routines.

It can benefit both children as well as adults in the following ways:

  1. It Instills Values And Humility:

Chanting slokas can teach your child new values and help them lead a humble and happy life early. The mantras teach your child yogic values keeping them connected to their roots, ideals, and holiness. Chanting is extremely important when these value-based practices are fading away in the name of modernization.

  1. Can Improve Concentration And Memory:

It improves concentration and memory power in children as the shlokas emit vibrations that activate the chakras on their faces and head, which plays a vital role in learning and focus. In addition, it helps shape and sharpens a child’s intellectual abilities.

Our brains require more oxygen than any other body organ to function well. And since chanting shloks is characterized by a synchronized process of deep rhythmic breathing, this process introduces more oxygen supply that will help improve concentration and shape a child’s mental intellect.

  1. Helps Reduce Stress:

It reduces stress and helps develop the traits of patience and empathy.

  1. Keeps The Respiratory System Healthy:

When one chants shlokas, their breathing slows down. As a result, they can take deep breaths and hold them for a few seconds, which regulates the functioning of their lungs and keeps their hearts healthy.

  1. Can Be Uplifting:

Understanding life and existence will never let your child feel depressed or pull their morale down. On the contrary, this will automatically increase their fighting spirit.

  1. Improves Immunity:

Specific mantras put pressure on children’s tongues, vocal cords, lips and other connected organs. This vibration also stimulates the hypothalamus gland, which regulates the secretion of hormones and improves immunity.

  1. Aligns The Chakras:

Each of us has seven chakras that are each responsible for our health and well being. If any of them are out of equilibrium, we can often fall sick. Chanting shlokas can help align your child’s chakras and prevent him from falling ill.

  1. Boosts Your Blood Flow:

Regular recitation of shlokas boosts your child’s blood circulation and gets rid of the toxins.

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